"The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership"

Harvey S. Firestone

Leadership Development Course Schedule

The table below shows the Etimes2 leadership development online course schedule running from September 2022 until June 2023.  Please scroll through the list to see each course title, cost and dates.  Click for ‘Further Information’ on any course for more details.

All courses listed will be delivered remotely using Zoom, so you can attend from the comfort of home.  We design our courses specifically for remote delivery applying a proven technique and structure ensuring the training is engaging, practical and enjoyable.  Each participant will receive a link during the training session giving full access to additional materials including PowerPoint slides, videos and handouts.

Of course, Etimes2 offers a wide range of leadership training and we design bespoke programmes for in-house delivery.  Please get in touch if you would like to discuss Etimes2 delivering in-house for your people.


Public Courses: 2022 - June 2023

Course TitleDatesCost (Per Person)Information & Booking
ILM Level 5 High Performance Leadership
(5 day course)
5 Day Course (Remote):
Day 1: 16th Mar 2023
Day 2: 20th April 2023
Day 3: 18th May 2023
Day 4: 22nd June 2023
Day 5: 3rd Aug 2023
£595 per person including registration, assessment & certificationFurther Info
ILM Level 3 Leadership Skills for New Supervisors3 Day Course (Remote):
Day 1: 11th Jan 2023
Day 2: 9th Feb 2023
Day 3: 1st Dec 2022
£295 per person including registration, assessment & certificationFurther Info
Motivating Your Team1 day course (Remote):
15th February 2023
£45 per personFurther Info
Managing Difficult Conversations1 Day Course (Remote):
2nd Mar 2023
£45 per personFurther Info
Building Resilient Teams1 Day Course (Remote):
25th Apr 2023
£45 per personFurther Info
Engaging Leadership1 Day Course (Remote):
4th May 2023
£45 per personFurther Info
Stress Management1 Day Course (Remote):
6th April 2023
£45 per personFurther Info
Time Management1 Day Course (Remote):
7th February 2023
29th March 2023
£45 per personFurther Info
Building High Performing Teams1 Day Course (Remote):
12th January 2023
23rd March 2023
£45 per personFurther Info

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