"Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort."

Paul J. Meyer

Drive Your Leadership Culture: Become an “Amazing Workplace”


Do you really want to get a grip on employee engagement and productivity in your team or business?


Are you looking for detailed insights to your workforce that gives you data, feedback but also goes further so you have a clear and detailed vision for the actions you need to take and where it will take your business?


Then take the Ex2 Amazing Workplaces Challenge.

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The Ex2 Amazing Workplaces Challenge

The culture in your business is driven and sustained by people.  We put your people first in everything we do – your leaders, line managers and employees.


Our Amazing Workplaces Challenge is designed to dig deep to understand your workforce and the people within it.  We will identify what engages and motivates them and how this drives productivity.  We will also shine a bright light on the practices, behaviours and cultures throughout your organisation that block productivity and demotivate your employees.


To achieve these insights, we partner with your senior team to guide and lead the project.  We combine quantitative and qualitative methods to analyse your business and its people to create a clear picture of what is happening and generate clear and discrete actions at senior, manager, team and employee levels to drive engagement, motivation and productivity throughout your business.

How Does The Amazing Workplaces Challenge Work?

EX2 Employee engagement platform

The Amazing Workplaces Challenge combines a range of quantitative and qualitative methods to analyse current culture and engagement and their impact on people and performance.  Methods used include:


  • Employee engagement survey – 22 questions and 8 validated measures of engagement
  • Leadership & culture survey – 27 questions and 9 validated measures of leadership and culture
  • Additional bespoke survey questions
  • Anonymous opportunities to contribute on key questions and issues
  • Open organisation wide conversations and discussions to generate potential solutions
  • Qualitative methods including focus groups and interviews
  • Real-time dashboards
  • In-depth analysis and reporting by an experienced Occupational Psychologist
  • Targetted action planning at organisation, departmental, team, line manager and employee levels
  • Automated action planning at line manager and employee level

2 Validated Surveys

One of the first things we do on the Amazing Workplaces Challenge is measure engagement, leadership and culture in your organisation.  To do this we combine our two validated surveys to give you detailed feedback using 17 different measures:

Ex2 Employee Engagement Survey

8 Engagement Drivers:

  • Communication & clarity
  • Company pride
  • Work-life balance
  • Meaningfulness
  • Performance management
  • Personal development
  • Relationships & team ethic
  • Support & recognition

Amazing Workplaces Survey

9 Leadership & Culture Measures:

  • Leading, motivating & inspiring people
  • Values & behaviours
  • Empowering & involving others
  • Managing performance
  • Recognition & reward for high performance
  • Work structure
  • Managing & building capability
  • Continuous improvement
  • Future focus & sustainable success

Additional Bespoke Questions

We will monitor the key engagement, leadership and cultural trends across your organisation as well as in specific teams and departments to identify further questions to ask for more specific responses and to add depth to the data.  These additional questions serve two purposes: first, to better understand the issue and, second, to start people moving towards the solution.


We will a range of technology applications to ask these questions, guaranteeing anonymity, including the Ex2 platform, polls, wordclouds, ratings, open ended questions and short answer questions.


Where appropriate, we can also facilitate anonymous 1-2-1 interviews.


We will ensure contributors feel safe in responding and providing honest insights to both issues affecting them and solutions.

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Open Conversations

employee engagement questions

There may be times when people in your workplace simply want to participate in a well facilitated open and constructive conversation about their workplace and to give their suggestions on making it an Amazing Workplace.  It is important in this process that these open conversations are held.


To facilitate these conversations and contributions, we use a range of technology and face-to-face approaches to give people their voice and enable them to be seen to be contributing proactively to make their workplace a better place to be.  Our approaches include:


  • Focus groups (both in person and remote)
  • One-to-one interviews
  • Non-anonymous conversation technology enabling people to contribute when it suits them and to respond to the contributions of others
  • Small group problem solving project teams

Real-Time Dashboards and Psychologists Report

Throughout the research phase, our real-time dashboard provides immediate feedback on key trends across your business highlighting potential areas to explore further and investigate.  This includes survey responses and contributions to polls and additional questions.  The real-time dashboard reports at organisational and team levels.


On completion of our quantitative and qualitative research phase, we compile all our findings into a comprehensive report which details the key findings at corporate, departmental and team levels. This report is written by an experienced Occupational Psychologist who will analyse and combine the key findings aligned to our engagement, leadership and culture measures with the qualitative elements of the research phase to make sense of the data and ensure that it is both tangible and actionable.


Throughout this process, we ensure that every stage is tangible and actionable.  Practical and easy to implement is the name of the game.

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Targeted Action Planning

employee engagement report

By manually analysing both the quantitative and qualitative research results, our psychologist will, in partnership with our client, create a bespoke action plan to build a high performance leadership culture in your business.


The action plan will be positive, constructive and targeted, tailored to your business.  Where appropriate, the action plan will focus on specific teams and/or departments as well as on the overall organisation.


At the organisational level, the action plan is most likely to focus on developing an understanding of key trends in the data and considering policies and strategies on issues like work-life balance, performance management etc.  At the departmental and team levels, the action plan will specifically highlight leadership and personal development issues and solutions.

Automated Action Planning

We believe that drivers for engagement and productivity are unique to each individual employee.  So, each employee and line manager needs feedback and action planning at an individual level.


Upon completion of the survey, each individual employee will receive immediate feedback on his/her personal engagement levels.  S/he will then be invited to create a personal action plan to become more engaged in their work.  Each employee can prioritise the areas most likely to have a personal impact and can select from prompted actions (with guidance for implementation) or create their own actions.


Line managers will receive immediate feedback on engagement levels in their team with a guided process to set key leadership and team engagement actions to develop their skills and create a high performing team culture.

employee engagement action plan

Amazing Workplaces Certification

employee engagement actions

During the “Targetted Action Planning” stage, our psychologist will work in partnership with your senior team to define your bespoke pathway to become a Certified Amazing Workplace.


Together, we will turn the key leadership and cultural issues facing your business into clear action points, goals and milestones.  We will look at each issue and turn it into an opportunity to develop and grow your people and your business.  We will find the solution.


We will then guide and support you along the way to achieve your action plan.  We will celebrate with you as your business completes its journey to becoming a Certified Amazing Workplace.

5 Reasons Why Etimes2 is Different From Other Engagement Surveys

1.Engagement is an individual and personal experienceAt etimes2, we recognise that while organisational culture is important, each employee will perceive it through his/her own lens.

The etimes2 platform gives every employee personalised feedback and tools to interact with his/her workplace in a more engaged manner.
2.Engagement is about individual identity in the workplaceEtimes2 empowers employees to take action on their own engagement levels by seeking the answers to their ‘ask’.
Each employee chooses to go to work for his/her own unique reason. Etimes2 enables each employee to discover what that reason is and empowers him/her to take action to satisfy that need.
3.Engagement should be built from the bottom upChange cannot occur without awareness. An engaging workplace can’t be properly built from the top-down.
We raise the individual employee’s awareness of his/her own (dis)engagement drivers and empower him/her to take action. Etimes2 shares responsibility for building engagement among all stakeholders.
4.Engagement is about development and shared responsibilityEtimes2 seeks to empower the person to understand his/her work and do the right thing.
We provide each employee and line manager with the feedback and tools to take positive engagement building action at the individual and team levels .
5.Engagement is more than data reports. It needs to mean something.We place a clear focus on understanding the dynamics in the workplace that drive engagement and performance. We use this data to involve individuals, teams, line managers and senior management in building an Amazing Workplace.

Employee Engagement

Our Organisational Psychologists can support your business’ employee engagment project in many ways, including:

  • Providing you with a full employee engagement platform containing survey, immediate reporting dashboard and employee collaboration
  • Advising your team on taking high impact actions based on your existing employee survey results

Flexibility is important: we can support you as much or as little as you need and will provide you with an initial free consultation to agree on your support package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to get started on etimes2?

Yes.  Setting etimes2 up is really easy and only takes minutes.  You will be ready to go very quickly.  We provide you with all the communications you need in the lead up to launching etimes2 with your workforce and are here to support you every step of the way.

Are there premium level features in etimes2?

No.  Our mission is to provide your organisation with the tools to build an engaging workplace. We do not believe in giving you and your employees feedback without making the tools to take guided action available.  Everything is included for the fee we quote you.

How easy is it for employees to get started?

Very.  Employees can participate on any device.  All they need to do is activate the link, indicate the team they belong to and start completing the survey.  Users report back that etimes2 is a very ‘friendly design’ and ‘very easy to use’.

How much support is available and how flexible is it?

We will agree your bespoke support needs during our initial discussions.  Please note that email and phone support is always available at no extra cost and we also build in a number of support days provided at no additional cost.  We take pride in how we support our clients and intend to provide the best support possible.  Ask us to demonstrate this to you first so you can see the scale and flexibility of the support offered. 

How often can we run the survey?  How many additional questions can we ask?

Unlimited is the most simple answer.  You can run the survey as often as you like, though we recommend that you only run it 2-3 times per year.  You can ask as many additional questions as you like, either from our suggested bank of questions, or craft your own questions.  You are not limited to ‘engagement’ questions either.  Ask your employees anything you need to, making it easy to involve them in many business issues.

Does on-boarding and set-up support incur any costs?

No.  We prefer to keep costs simple, clear and competitive.  The single fee we quote you will include set-up, on-boarding and the support your team needs to get etimes2 launched. We are always here for you.

Does etimes2 protect employee anonymity?

Yes.  Survey responses, pulse question responses and individual employee action plans are all 100% anonymous.

Please note, there are also ‘open communication’ features on etimes2 designed to enable employees to be seen and recognised within and beyond their team.  These are clearly sign-posted for employees as ‘non-anonymous’.

How do our employees access the Academy and Social Learning opportunities? Do they cost extra?

We feel obliged to give your employees the resources to develop and grow personally and professionally.  After all, we provide each employee with personalised feedback based on their survey responses and we ask them to create an action plan.  We don’t see the point in feedback without the means to take action.  So, all these learning opportunities (valued at over £1,000 per employee) is available at no extra cost to you or the employee.

Who can see the reporting dashboard?

You are in complete control of this.  You decide who has access.

What Our Clients Say

“We have found the etimes2 system very easy to use and beneficial as a management tool to measure our staff engagement.  The potential is there for us to develop this further and tailor it very specifically to our business needs.

The team at etimes2 has been very supportive and helped us greatly to gain maximum benefit.  We look forward to a long and rewarding partnership with them, which will be mutually beneficial to both parties.”

Ronan Heenan

Director, People 1st

“Hughes Insurance are excited to launch The Etimes2 Engagement Tool throughout our business. Its unique and remote functionality suits our business perfectly as we strive to build a creative and engaging culture, whilst ensuring we meet the needs of our customers.

We anticipate high participation levels from our staff who are keen to share their voice and be involved in solving real life business problems.”

Sarah Billingsley

HR Manager, Hughes Insurance

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