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Welcome to etimes2 ltd.  We are people specialists.


We work with organisations to develop the leaders people want to work with and build the workplaces and teams people want to be a part of through our leadership training.

We help you create amazing workplaces where your employees want to work and choose to bring the best of their talents, skills and energy to work.  Every day.

Working in partnership with your leaders, teams and people we help you develop the leadership and people talent your business will need for years to come.

We love to talk and listen, taking time to learn about your business and what it needs to thrive, applying an evidence based approach to pinpoint the development needed and how it should be delivered.

People Specialists Leadership Training

Upcoming Courses

The Resilient Leader

Join me for a FREE live 2-hour workshop to:

  • Understand why resilient teams start with a resilient leader
  • Assess your own resilience strengths and development needs
  • Identify the resilient behaviours needed in challenging situations

Engaging Leadership

Engaging Leadership is a one day course where you will:

  • Explore the business benefits of engaging leadership
  • Learn ‘engaging’ skills you can apply in everyday leadership
  • Identify the engagement drivers at play in your team
  • Create a strategy to build an engaging culture in your team

Building High Performing Teams

This is a 1-day course where delegates will learn how to develop a high performance strategy for your team.  You will:

  • Be able to develop a clear sense of purpose in your team
  • Know how to set and communicate a clear direction and vision
  • Create team and individual high performance development plans
  • Know how to motivate, engage and empower your team for high performance

Motivating Your Team

This course is suitable for anyone who needs to motivate a group of people.  You will:

  • Explore and understand motivation beyond the usual theories
  • Know the early signs your team is becoming demotivated
  • Assess motivation levels in your team
  • Develop practical strategies and a plan to motivate your team

How We Work With Organisations to Create Your Amazing Workplace

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First and foremost, we listen to you.  We learn about your business and what it needs to thrive and succeed.  Then, we become your partner and create a plan with you to develop high performance leaders and teams.  The plan may include any blend of our key offerings:

We are always happy to have a no-strings conversation and all our initial consultations are free, so please ask us to contact you.

Leadership Masterclasses

Our Masterclasses are organised under ‘core topics’, where each 2 hour Masterclass focuses on a specific aspect of the core topic, delivering practical outcomes that delegates can take back and implement in their workplace.  All delegates will receive access to an online depository for each Masterclass containing practical tools and further learning.

An experienced trainer will facilitate the Masterclass applying an established virtual classroom approach ensuring that delegates benefit from a high impact, interactive and enjoyable learning experience. Limited places are available on our Masterclasses to ensure delegates can interact, discuss and ask questions.  We also keep Masterclasses short (2 hours) and priced competitively ensuring everyone can continue to access high quality learning during the cost of living crisis.

Check out the Masterclasses we are running in the coming months:

Leadership Masterclasses

Bespoke Leadership Development

We believe that great businesses are powered by great people.  We also believe that great people are empowered by great leaders.

You hire smart, talented people both as employees and leaders.  At etimes2, we are experts at creating the leadership development programmes tailored to your business that develop your people into giants for your business.

We work with our clients in two main ways to develop the training they need:

  1. We can sit down with your team and listen to your insights.  We will then develop a bespoke programme based on what you tell and ask us, tailoring and amending it until you are satisfied.
  2. We can also take an evidence based approach where we run surveys and diagnostics to identify blockages in your team and develop the training needed to remove these blockages.

Either way, we will provide the development enabling your leaders to empower their people to do great things for your business.

Public Leadership Courses

We also offer a wide range of public leadership courses throughout the year including both ILM qualifications and non-accredited courses.

All our public courses are delivered remotely via Zoom, so you can attend from the comfort of home or your workplace. We design our courses using a proven virtual classroom methodology and maintain maximum group sizes, ensuring delegates can fully participate, interact and ask questions.  Our experienced trainers use a range of techniques and technology to keep the courses engaging and impactful.

Our public courses are designed with practical application in mind so delegates can easily put their new skills to use back in the workplace.  All delegates receive access to an online depository containing further learning, videos, reading, links and practical toolkits relevant to the course attended as well as a copy of the slide deck and materials used.


leadership masterclass


Undertaking coaching with Etimes2 means that you will be coached by an Occupational Psychologist with over 25 years experience who combines this with highly innovative tools, diagnostics and innovative approaches to enable individuals and teams to leverage what they are great at and overcome barriers and perceived limitations.

We believe each person and team is unique, so our approach to all coaching assignments is bespoke, designed to develop high impact individuals and teams.

Etimes2 supports coaching clients in the following areas:

  • Leadership development (new and experienced leaders)
  • Dealing with difficult and challenging situations
  • Building high performance workplace relationships
  • Individual and team communications
  • Resilience and wellbeing


Psychometrics, Surveys and Diagnostics

At Etimes2, we have a range of psychometric tools, diagnostics and surveys that we can use to underpin and inform one-to-one and team coaching and our leadership development programmes.

There is so much more to leadership development and coaching than the traditional leadership styles and approaches.  With our powerful range of tools, we can give your leaders greater insights to their communication strengths and how to use these for influence, team and individual engagement, their ability to adapt to fast paced changes and understanding of their own key personality traits.

Harnessing these insights in a coaching or training environment, your leaders will develop the strategies and approaches to engage, influence and motivate people around them and drive their teams to higher performance.

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Amazing Workplace Challenge

Amazing Workplace Challenge
The Etimes2 Amazing Workplace Challenge is a powerful approach to building a high performance culture in your organisation that gives all your employees a chance to contribute and have their voice heard.  It quickly gets your whole workforce, leaders and employees, taking positive action to drive your business forward.

The Amazing Workplace Challenge combines a range of quantitative and qualitative methods to analyse current culture and engagement and their impact on people and performance in your business.  Our quantitative methods are designed to measure and report on tangible issues leading to clear actions.

Your team will have access to real-time dashboards throughout the challenge, keeping up to date on engagement, trends and employee contributions across your organisation.  You will be able to ask bespoke questions, finding out the information needed to keep your business moving forward.

We will furnish you with a comprehensive psychologist’s report detailing the findings at corporate, departmental and team levels.  Our psychologists are trained to focus on the tangible outcomes, making sure every stage of the challenge is easily actionable.  Practical and easy to implement is the name of the game.



Employee Engagement Survey

At Etimes2, we recognise that while organisational culture is important, each employee will view it through their own lens based on their experiences.  We know that employee engagement is not really in the ownership of HR or the senior leadership team.  Sure, they have great influence over it, but employee engagement should be owned by every employee.  It is a shared experience and the solution should be shared as well.

To share both the engagement experience and solutions, the Etimes2 Employee Engagement Survey provides each employee and line manager with the feedback and tools to take positive engagement building action.

You will have access to real-time dashboards, reporting on engagement levels as employees complete the survey and giving you control over asking additional bespoke questions, setting engagement building projects and ensuring all employees feel heard and valued.


free employee engagement survey northern ireland uk ireland dublin

What Our Clients Say

“We have implemented Etimes2 for our Fitz family, Nigel has been an amazing support”

Marian McGreevy, HR Manager

Fitzwilliam Hotel, Belfast

“Nigel has great interpersonal skills.  He is down to earth, very approachable, and obviously loves what he does.  He is very knowledgeable and gives great advice.”

Laura, CDE Global

Nigel did a tremendous job.  He received excellent feedback from the candidates and his commitment and dedication to shone through.  I would not hesitate to recommend him for similar work.

HR Manager, Michelin (Ballymena)

“Great training and highly recommend.  In fact, I am now ensuring my colleagues are enrolled on these courses.  Great tutor – 10 out of 10.”

Damian McIlroy, Business Development Manager, Conscia

Nigel handled the situation with the learners in a sensitive and professional manner.  His style of delivery and his approach ensured that the learners continued to have confidence in the programme and were able to successfully complete it and gain their accreditation.

Professional Development Manager, Ulster University

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