"A company's culture is the foundation for future innovation. An entrepreneur's job is to build the foundation."

Brian Chesky, CEO AirBnB

Build Your Culture With Etimes2


We give our clients the insights, understanding and tools to build the culture their business needs to be successful.

Our core purpose is to make your workplace a community where your employees choose to belong and where they can grow, develop, innovate and thrive.  This runs through everything we do, from surveys to training.

We inject fresh thinking into everything we do.  We work to understand your business, its people and its path to success.

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Understand Your People

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The culture in your business is driven and sustained by people.  We put your people first in everything we do – your leaders, line managers and employees.


To build the culture you want, you must first understand your people.  At Etimes2, we know that employee engagement is a deeply personal experience for each employee and each line manager.  Our approach shines a light on these experiences and involves your employees in developing the culture they can thrive in.  We work bottom-up as well as top-down.


We look at your organisation and its people to identify both drivers and blockers of engagement and performance. Using the Etimes2 Employee Engagement Survey, we profile your entire workforce against 8 validated drivers of engagement reporting to team, departmental and organisational level.  Every employee who responds to the survey receives personalised feedback with tips and action planning to build his/her own engagement levels.  Every line manager receives feedback on team engagement levels with tips to enhance this and an action planning tool.


We then work to unleash people’s strengths and uncover talent to drive your business into the future.

8 Validated Drivers of Engagement

Click here to read more about our unique 8 Engagement Driver Model©.

Ex2 Amazing Workplace Challenge: Driving Your Leadership Culture

Do you want to take positive action to really drive your business’ leadership and culture forward?


Yes?  Take the Etimes2 Amazing Workplaces Challenge for key insights to leadership across your organisation and how it affects your people and culture.  The Amazing Workplace Challenege combines the following methods:


  • Employee engagement survey – 8 validated measures
  • Leadership & culture survey – 9 validated measures
  • Additional bespoke questions
  • Qualitative methods


Real-time reporting provides immediate feedback on the drivers and blockers of engagement and performance, breaking the data down to team, departmental and organisational level.

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On completion of our quantitative and qualitative research phase, we compile all our findings into a comprehensive report which details the key findings at corporate, departmental and team levels.  These key findings aligned to our engagement, leadership and culture measures are then transformed into an action plan designed to focus action on key leadership and cultural blockages to performance


We then support your business, its leaders and its people to work through the action plan, achieving key milestones and working to create a high performance culture throughout the organisation.


Success criteria (Bronze, Silver and Gold) will be set and agreed with you and your leaders from the outset.  At the end of the action plan period, Etimes2 will assess progress against the success criteria and provide constructive feedback to your leadership team and award your business as an Amazing Workplace.

Amazing Workplace Challenge

Click below to find out more about how the Ex2 Amazing Workplace Challenge helps you develop the leadership and culture to engage your people, create the workplace they want to succeed in and drive business success for years to come.

5 Reasons Why Etimes2 is Different From Other Engagement Surveys

1.Engagement is an individual and personal experienceAt etimes2, we recognise that while organisational culture is important, each employee will perceive it through his/her own lens.

The etimes2 platform gives every employee personalised feedback and tools to interact with his/her workplace in a more engaged manner.
2.Engagement is about individual identity in the workplaceEtimes2 empowers employees to take action on their own engagement levels by seeking the answers to their ‘ask’.
Each employee chooses to go to work for his/her own unique reason. Etimes2 enables each employee to discover what that reason is and empowers him/her to take action to satisfy that need.
3.Engagement should be built from the bottom upChange cannot occur without awareness. An engaging workplace can’t be properly built from the top-down.
We raise the individual employee’s awareness of his/her own (dis)engagement drivers and empower him/her to take action. Etimes2 shares responsibility for building engagement among all stakeholders.
4.Engagement is about development and shared responsibilityEtimes2 seeks to empower the person to understand his/her work and do the right thing.
We provide each employee and line manager with the feedback and tools to take positive engagement building action at the individual and team levels .
5.Engagement is more than data reports. It needs to mean something.We place a clear focus on understanding the dynamics in the workplace that drive engagement and performance. We use this data to involve individuals, teams, line managers and senior management in building an Amazing Workplace.

Employee Engagement

Our Organisational Psychologists can support your business’ employee engagment project in many ways, including:

  • Providing you with a full employee engagement platform containing survey, immediate reporting dashboard and employee collaboration
  • Advising your team on taking high impact actions based on your existing employee survey results

Flexibility is important: we can support you as much or as little as you need and will provide you with an initial free consultation to agree on your support package.