"The central issue is never strategy, structure, culture or systems. The core of the matter is always about changing the behaviour of people."

John P. Kotter

Leadership Assessments

In today’s business environment, there is so much more to leadership development than the traditional styles, approach and communication.  Leadership development is about authenticity, engagement, sharing power and control, harnessing disruption and adapting to complex, fast-paced changes all while developing their team and unleashing the full potential of their people.

Leaders need to be self aware, emotionally intelligent, resilient and understand their impact on the people around them.  In other words, leadership is a behaviour.  It is the most important behaviour in any workplace because leadership is the most significant factor in employee engagement and performance.

Leaders have a lot to think about.  Our suite of leadership assessment tools help us design and deliver highly focused development experiences for your leaders.  We ensure they enter into the development programme with their eyes open and having generated clear personal learning objectives.


The Forté Communication Style Profile

56% of employees believe poor line management communication skills is the main barrier of success (Gallagher 2018 State of the Sector Report).

The Forte Communication Style Profile is a high-impact, highly accurate communication style profile, used globally for over 40 years for personal development at all levels and sizes of organisations.  It is the first step in effective leadership, individual and team communication.

We use the Forte tool to help our clients retain and develop talent, to develop leaders to improve their communication skills, to improve individual and team performance, to minimise conflict and to build resilience.

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Ex2 Employee Engagement Survey

Our powerful diagnostic shines a light on the leadership and cultural blockages obstructing productivity by profiling each team against 8 validated engagement drivers with a real-time reporting dashboard providing tailored insights to each team and line manager. 

We can use our employee engagement survey to provide deep insights and provide your leaders with feedback, coaching and personalised leadership development.  We make teams and organisations better from the inside out.

The survey is quick, easy and fun for your employees to complete taking less than 5 minutes with 21 questions.  Each employee also gets individualised feedback and suggested self-development actions they can take to become more engaged at work, leading to higher productivity.

Tailored to their team engagement level, each leader will also have the opportunity to consider automated suggested actions they can take to increase engagement and productivity in their team.

We are always happy to chat with you about our employee engagement survey.  Please click the ‘contact me’ button and we will be in touch soon.


Ex2 Amazing Workplaces Survey

Our Amazing Workplaces diagnostic applies 9 validated measures of leadership and culture, plus 8 validated engagement drivers, to provide organisations with indepth insights to performance and productivity in their business.  The platform enables the organisation to dig deeper with the ability to ask additional questions and hold open conversations with employees, plus a real-time reporting dashboard.

The 9 measures of leadership and culture include:

  • Values and behaviours
  • Leading, motivating and inspiring people
  • Continuous improvement
  • Future focus and sustainable success

We offer the Amazing Workplaces diagnostice either as part of a leadership programme or within the more intensive Amazing Workplaces Challenge.

Please feel free to contact us for a chat or request a demonstration link to see the Amazing Workplaces diagnostic in action.

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Occupational Personality Questionnaire and Coaching

10 million personality assessments are conducted every year using the SHL OPQ.

Etimes2 incorporates the OPQ into talent and leadership development programmes by pairing the automated OPQ report with a psychologist’s Interprative Report and one-to-one coaching to identify key behaviours at work, potential reactions in certain situations and impact on others and the creation of a personal development plan to enhance leadership capacity.

The OPQ provides organisations with reusable data that can help them make smarter hiring and development decisions in the long term.  More information can be  found on the SHL website.