Building Resilient Teams

How to build and maintain a self-managing and resilient team

Who Is Our Building Resilient Teams Course For?

How great would it be if your team was largely self-managing and able to cope with just about anything thrown at it?

In this one day online programme, learn how to create the right team conditions for your team members to feel in control, psychologically safe and able to make decisions to do their work to the best of their ability.

Building Resilient Teams is recommended for all line managers, team leaders and supervisors.  It is also a very useful course for employees being prepared for management or supervisory roles.  There are no prerequisites for attending this course.


Date:16th November 2023
Time:9am - 4pm
Cost:£49 per person



What Will Learners Gain From Participation?

By the end of this one day Building Resilient Teams course, participants will be able to develop greater resilience in themselves as leaders, in team members and the team as a whole.  You will:

  • Understand the concept ‘resilience’ and its implications for both the team and the individuals within it
  • Understand the concept ‘psychological safety’ and your impact upon it as line manager
  • Be able to build trust, loyalty and commitment in an environment where team members feel they belong
  • Know how to lead your team in times of change, uncertainty and conflict
  • Develop techniques to ‘get to know’ the individuals in your team, spotting their talents and strengths, and developing these
  • Be able to build well-being into the work of your team



Request a call back if you wish to discuss bringing this course in-house.

Building Resilient Teams

    Course Details

    What is my approach on this course?

    This is a highly interactive course combining standard training delivery sessions with a ‘clinic’ approach and a toolkit to take away with you.  There are lots of opportunities to discuss and learn from your colleagues on the course.

    Course Outline

    Course Overview

    • Resilience, psychological safety & well-being
      • Defining resilience, psychological safety & well-being
      • Benefits of a resilient team
      • Factors affecting resilience, psychological safety & well-being
      • Presentation; group discussion; small group exercise


    • Leading in times of change, uncertainty & conflict
      • Impact of change, uncertainty & conflict on resilience, psychological safety & well-being
      • Leadership to build and maintain resilience
      • Empowering, engaging & developing your team
      • Presentation; small group exercise; facilitated group discussion


    • Creating a culture where resilience can flourish
      • Reflecting on team/organisation cultures you have worked in
      • Encouraging can-do & growth mindset, risk taking and development
      • Dealing with pressure and limiting beliefs
      • Presentation; small group exercise; facilitated group discussion


    • Clinic 1: Your team environment
      • Psychological safety & well-being in your team
      • How resilient is your team
      • Stress in your team
      • Individual exercise; pairs discussion; facilitated group discussion


    • Toolkit A: Resilience, Psychological Safety & well-being
      • Practical techniques & tools to assess your team
      • Presentation; facilitated group discussion


    • Clinic 2: Team Resilience Plan
      • Create a team resilience plan
      • Individual exercise; pairs discussion


    • Summary and close




    Meet the Trainer

    Nigel McPolin

    Founder & CEO

    An MSc Occupational Psychology graduate from the School of
    Psychology, Queen’s University of Belfast , Nigel has over 22 years’
    experience across the sectors – public, private and not-for-profit.

    His relaxed and friendly styles enables conversational training where learners feel safe to explore, discuss and even disagree with the topics being delivered. Nigel believes these conversations are fundamental to learning, allowing the learner to connect new concepts with previous experiences

    Nigel McPolin Organisational Psychologist, etimes2 ltd

    Contact Details:

    tel: +44 (0)28 9581 8090
    mobile: +44 (0)79 6875 6056


    Twitter: @etimes2ltd

    Client Testimonials

    “Forced me to go out of my comfort zone in presenting, which I enjoyed afterwards!  Informal – relaxed by his style” Driver Training Manager

    “Nigel is a fantastic trainer, great knowledge and experience of course.  He really helped me overcome nerves/fears while training” Area Administrator

    “I really enjoyed my 3 days.  Nigel was excellent.  I found the training very interactive and relaxed.” Area Trainer

    “Plenty of time allocated.  Videos great to learn from.  Great trainer. Very much enjoyed it.” HR Manager

    “Enjoyable.  Relaxed.  Informative.  Rewarding.” H&S Manager


    Follow-Up Support

    Participants on etimes2 training programmes are invited to join our exclusive social media group for on-going support and development.  This is open-ended and included in the cost.