Your Employees Must Love You First

An engaged employee is your biggest brand advocate.  The engaged employee will convincingly promote your products, services and organisation to your customers.  The engaged employee will help you retain customers because the customer will have enjoyed the experience. ...

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Employees First for Customer Retention

In my last blog, I talked about the impact of employee engagement on team performance.  So, it is quite natural for us to move on from that to considering the role of employee engagement in customer retention. Are your team members engaged and giving great customer...

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5 tips to empower your employees to choose ‘engagement’

In order to engage your workforce, individual employees must be encouraged and empowered to share responsibility. Employee engagement is partly down to the organisation and the senior management team. It is also partly down to the individual being prepared to rethink and amend the perceptions that have built up as a result of their experience to date in this job.

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