Employee Engagement Software: what it should do for you

Employee Engagement Software has  taken over the engagement survey marketplace.  The software options are wide and varied and each organisation will have a preference for certain approaches.  Technology has opened up the effective application of the employee...

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Demise of the Annual Engagement Survey

There are many articles citing the failings of the Annual Employee Engagement Survey.  These articles are often predicting, calling for and supporting the demise of the annual engagement survey.  So, are these authors and commenters correct in this?  Here is my take...

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Planning to Keep New Hires Engaged: 4 Tips

The Problem Losing new hires to disengagement at work is a problem faced by many organisations.  Significant costs such as absenteeism, productivity, quality and customer attrition are associated with this problem.   The Solution Several steps can be taken to...

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Your Employees Must Love You First

An engaged employee is your biggest brand advocate.  The engaged employee will convincingly promote your products, services and organisation to your customers.  The engaged employee will help you retain customers because the customer will have enjoyed the experience. ...

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Employees First for Customer Retention

In my last blog, I talked about the impact of employee engagement on team performance.  So, it is quite natural for us to move on from that to considering the role of employee engagement in customer retention. Are your team members engaged and giving great customer...

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