Challenge Your Employees: Get Ready To Be Surprised

Deciding to challenge your employees or team members would seem to be a great way to motivate them to give you high performance.  Or, so it would seem. When is the last time senior management where you work set out a high performance strategy based on challenging...

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Increase Employee Engagement Among Blue-Collar Workers

I was asked to answer this question on Quora earlier this week - 'what are some activities to increase employee engagement among blue-collar workers?'.  It is an interesting question that brings needed focus to employee engagement outside the office environment.  It...

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The Power of Collective Intelligence in the Workplace

Many organisations are realising that their employee engagement efforts are creating an additional opportunity: the prospect of being able to harness the collective intelligence of their workforce. In sport, we often hear commentators talking about the ‘total being...

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Disengaged Employees Are Talented Employees

According to most sources, the majority of employees are disengaged.  They will be ‘getting by’ every day, doing maybe enough just to stay out of trouble.  They will be going about their working day, resenting each minute they spend there.  Watching the clock,...

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Well-Being At Work: British Psychological Society Report

This has been an interesting week in relation to my thoughts and approach to employee engagement and well-being at work.  First of all, I have been reading some interesting conversations on LinkedIn about how employees are treated in the workplace and how this makes...

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Why People Work: the key to motivating your workforce

Why do people work? This is a key question for most businesses.  If you can figure out why people work (why your employees turn up every day), then you can hone in on how to motivate them more effectively. In my experiences to date, one of the major influences on...

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Make the Most of Your Employee Engagement Diagnostic: 10 Tips

Is there a “right way” or a “best way” to run your Employee Engagement Diagnostic?  We believe there is. Your objectives at the beginning of your employee engagement diagnostic process should be to: Achieve accurate engagement trends mapped to your organisation Share...

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