A New Employee Engagement Narrative

Over the past few weeks, I have been involved in some very interesting discussions with people from both business and academia.  We discussed the positioning of leadership and employee engagement, and where employee empowerment fits into this equation.  Basically, we...

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Developing Future Leaders

Talent management is the key ‘front of mind’ topic for practically every senior management team and every HR team in almost every organisation.  Everybody desperately wants to identify and develop future leaders to ensure the long-term success of their organisation. ...

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Re-engage With Your Job: 5 tips

What does it take to re-engage with your job?  What does it take to re-engage with your employer? Most organisations struggle with this challenge.  They roll out various engagement strategies every year with limited impact on engagement levels.  A quick look at the...

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Leading Empowered Employees: a practical approach (part 1)

Leading empowered employees is the stuff of nightmares for many managers.  Many focus on how empowered employees can be ‘managed’ or ‘controlled’.  Fear seems to rise from the prospect of not getting the tasks completed because of uncontrollable innovation and team...

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Creating an Employee Centric Culture: motivating employees

Last time, I suggested that managers should get to know their team members as individual people.  I focused on knowing their job related strengths and maximising these.  In this article, I will look at the role of ‘direction’ in motivating employees.   Every...

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