This is the founding principle of etimes2.  Employee potential is core to how we think.   We fully believe that all employees have the potential to be great – great employees and great ambassadors for your company.

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Why do we believe this?

We can answer this question in several ways, but will start with an answer both in its simplest form and in the context of your organisation.  You recruited them.


All your employees impressed you sufficiently at recruitment stage to be offered a job at your company.  Most, if not all, of your current employees joined your organisation bright eyed, motivated and engaged.

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That passion and motivation still exists in there, though it may be difficult to see it sometimes.  There are ways, though, to tap into that motivation and (re-)engage your employees.


The first step is to believe with us that all your employees can be great.  Set the perceptions aside for a minute and remember how, in the past, you might have lost touch with an aspect of your career or something that you cared about.  How did you get that back?  Probably with hard work is a good answer.  But is that all there is to it?  Probably not.  A friend, colleague or loved one most likely provided you with belief.  They showed their belief in you.  You felt their belief in your ability to find your way again.  They told you that you had a lot to offer and your comeback would be great.  And, they were right.


Perhaps your employees could benefit from the same belief in their ‘comeback’.  Of course they can be great again and do a fantastic job for your company.  They need to feel the belief, though, from the organisation and line management.  People are insightful and every one of us can pick up vibes from others.  As soon as you stop believing in them, then the expectations that they have to meet are lowered.  So, what is then motivating them to excel.


Show your belief in individual employee potential by encouraging them to get involved in decision making and solving problems.  Ask them questions.  Encourage them to take a greater stake in the company and its success.


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