Are You an Engaging Leader?

Are you an engaging leader? Most managers will honestly think 'yes, I am an engaging a certain point and for some of my team but not all'. Most managers will know that they could be more engaging and be a better leader. They...

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Bottom-Up Employee Engagement Strategy

Does your company have a bottom-up employee engagement strategy? In this video, I discuss why this could be a powerful addition to your overall engagement strategy. Imagine the power of every employee in your organisation starting to deal...

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Do Disengaged Employees Care?

Do disengaged employees care? We are often told that disengaged employees do not care and that they are a blight on our businesses that needs weeded out. This all stems from early employee engagement statements and publications in the 'who...

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8 Tips to Harness the Collective Intelligence of Your Team

Are you getting the full benefit of an engaged workforce? Does your team perform ‘greater than the sum of its parts’? Can you see the full impact of all their experience and knowledge every day? In this video, I give you 8 easy to apply tips to help you achieve these benefits of an engaged team.

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Coping WithToxic Managers

Over the past few weeks, I have held conversations with so many good and skilled people about the same topic: coping with toxic managers.  I also seem to have been answering so many questions on social platforms about this very same topic. Toxic managers are a...

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International Women’s Day: Culture in Women’s Sports

It is very apt that I am writing this particular article on International Women’s Day.  However, this is not my inspiration for this article.  Instead, my inspiration has come from an intention held over the past while to celebrate the positive culture in female...

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