Leading in Changing Times

A suite of masterclasses to lead your team through change

Who Are Our Leading in Changing Times Masterclasses For?

Our teams have just fought through a pandemic that changed how we view work and made everyone think differently about what they want from their work and management.  They are now facing a global cost of living crisis.  We have always maintained that ‘change is constant’ in the workplace and usually cited the pace of change in technology, competitors and the marketplace as examples.  Never has change been more significant than it is now.  It has never been more important to consider how we are leading in changing times and strengthen our approach.

In these 2 hour Masterclasses, consider how you lead your team through changing times and pick up proven tools, techniques and strategies to build your resilience in the face of change and move your team productively through changing and challening times.

The Leading in Changing Times suite of Masterclasses is primarily aimed at those currently holding leadership, management and supervisory positions and those aspiring to hold such roles in the future.  There are no prerequisites to attending any of these Masterclasses.




What Will Learners Gain From Participation?

This suite of Masterclasses are designed to be insightful, practical and applicable.  Interactive and participative, delegates will be immersed in the topics gaining a deeper understanding of the theory and how it works in practice, and gaining strategies to easily apply learning.

After each Masterclass, every delegate will receive a toolkit specially designed to consolidate learning, guide application in the workplace and, where relevant, prepare you for the next Masterclass.

The Leading in Changing Times suite contains five 2 hour Masterclasses.




Leading in changing times masterclasses

    Masterclass 1 (Leading in Changing Times)

    Facing Challenging Times

    In this Masterclass, delegates will explore the challenges and changes facing their teams right now as we deal with the aftermath of the pandemic, a cost of living crisis and other significant changes.  They will assess the impact of these challenges on team morale and productivity while starting the process of identifying solutions and strategies to lead their team through these.

    Aims and Objectives

    By the end of this Masterclass, delegates will be able to identify the challenges facing their own team and understand how people are impacted.  They will achieve this by:

    • Identifying the challenges affecting own team
    • Exploring the impact of challenge and change on people and performance
    • Identifying potential solutions and strategies to deal with challenges


    Duration2 hours
    Delivery:Virtual classroom (live; remote)
    leading in changing times

    Masterclass 2 (Leading in Changing Times)

    The Role of a Change Leader

    role of a change leader

    How many change projects have you been through where the ‘change leader’ simply holds meetings to share updates on progress towards a reasonably vague vision?

    The role of the change leader is more than simply sharing information about the vision and creating and implementing a change plan.  A good change leader will involve the team in all aspects of change from co-creating the vision to successful conclusion, empowering them to think strategically throughout.  The role of the change leader is to develop the team until it comfortably lives and breathes change.

    Aims and Objectives

    By the end of this Masterclass , delegates will know how to empower their team members to think strategically and embrace change and be able to carry out the role of the change leader to successfully deliver change in their team.  They will achieve this by:

    • Being able to empower their team with a clear understanding of the change needed
    • Thinking strategically and empowering team members to co-create and implement change strategy
    • Using proven change management techniques



    Duration2 hours
    Delivery:Virtual classroom (live; remote)


    Masterclass 3 (Leading in Changing Times)

    Assessing Own Leadership in Challenging Times

    leading in changing times

    Leading in changing times is tough.  Change and challenge present every leader with difficult choices affecting most decisions and actions, even the routine ones.  We know that every decision we make will affect our team members who will be feeling unsure and uncertain as a result of the changes taking place.  The impact of these decisions will be amplified by the uncertainty.  So, it is always best practice that a leader should assess their own leadership and its impact on others during challenging times.

    Aims and Objectives

    By the end of this Masterclass, delegates will be able to assess their own leadership, how it is affected by change, challenge and uncertainty and how their approach impacts on others.  They will achieve this by:

    • Assessing how you lead when feeling pressure and stress
    • Understanding how challenging times affects you and your behaviour
    • Knowing the signs that your leadership is affected
    • Understanding how your approach affects your team during challenging times


    Duration2 hours
    Delivery:Virtual classroom (live; remote)

    Masterclass 4 (Leading in Changing Times)

    Understanding Reactions to Change

    The success potential of any actions you take when leading in challening times will largely depend on whether you understand why people react to change as they do.  A leader who does not understand this will risk approaching decisions and communicating them in a manner that will be poorly received by the team, even when the leader’s intentions are good.  Remember, the uncertainty felt in such times means that the impact of decisions and actions are amplified.  Leaders who understand this are more likely to have better success in the decisions and actions they take.

    Aims and Objectives

    By the end of this Masterclass, delegates will know how their team members react to change and understand the reasons they react in that way.  They will achieve this by:

    • Exploring their own team’s reactions to change
    • Being able to explain the stages in the grief cycle
    • Reflecting on recent changes in own team and identifying improvements


    Duration2 hours
    Delivery:Virtual classroom (live; remote)


    leading in changing times

    Masterclass 5 (Leading in Changing Times)

    Building Capability for Change

    resilient leader

    Building capability for change is a hugely important skill for those responsible for leading teams through change. Too often, major change is left to a small number of ‘change leaders’ while everyone else waits for the change to ‘just happen’.

    This masterclass provides change leaders, managers and senior leaders with an opportunity to reflect on the current capability for change in their teams and gain a toolkit of strategies and approaches to enable their team to readily and positively adapt to change.

    Aims and Objectives

    By the end of this Masterclass , delegates will think strategically and be able to enable their team to do the same, looking ahead and across organisational barriers and actively plan for the future.  They will achieve this by:

    • Having access to a toolkit to assess their people’s current capability for change
    • Applying proven strategies to encourage the people they lead to think strategically and plan for the future
    • Developing their own strategic capabilities to plan, develop partnerships and lead from the front on building sustainable success



    Duration2 hours
    Delivery:Virtual classroom (live; remote)


    Masterclass 6 (Leading in Changing Times)

    Measuring Change Success

    How do you define what value and success is in your change projects?  How do you sell success to your team and gain their commitment to change if you don’t know what success looks like?

    Measuring change success is crucial to both leading a successful change project and also to ensuring your team actively participate in making the change happen.  It also encourages your team to commit to long-term sustainable success which is based on constant change.

    Measuring change success emphasises what is important and shows that you and your team are really making a difference from a long-term strategic perspective.

    Aims and Objectives

    By the end of this Masterclass, delegates will be able to motivate their teams to participate actively in change by being clear on outcomes and ensuring each change project completes with a sense of success.  They will achieve this by:

    • Knowing how to use measurement as leverage to engage stakeholders
    • Understanding the barriers to measuring success and having strategies to overcome these
    • Being able to create long-term measures that reflect success for each stakeholder



    Duration2 hours
    Delivery:Virtual classroom (live; remote)


    employee engagement actions

    Meet the Trainer

    Nigel McPolin

    Founder & CEO

    An MSc Occupational Psychology graduate from the School of
    Psychology, Queen’s University of Belfast , Nigel has over 22 years’
    experience across the sectors – public, private and not-for-profit.

    His relaxed and friendly styles enables conversational training where learners feel safe to explore, discuss and even disagree with the topics being delivered. Nigel believes these conversations are fundamental to learning, allowing the learner to connect new concepts with previous experiences

    Nigel McPolin Organisational Psychologist, etimes2 ltd

    Contact Details:

    tel: +44 (0)28 9581 8090
    mobile: +44 (0)79 6875 6056
    email: nigel@etimes2.com

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nigel-mcpolin/

    Twitter: @etimes2ltd

    Client Testimonials

    “Forced me to go out of my comfort zone in presenting, which I enjoyed afterwards!  Informal – relaxed by his style” Driver Training Manager

    “Nigel is a fantastic trainer, great knowledge and experience of course.  He really helped me overcome nerves/fears while training” Area Administrator

    “I really enjoyed my 3 days.  Nigel was excellent.  I found the training very interactive and relaxed.” Area Trainer

    “Plenty of time allocated.  Videos great to learn from.  Great trainer. Very much enjoyed it.” HR Manager

    “Enjoyable.  Relaxed.  Informative.  Rewarding.” H&S Manager


    Follow-Up Support

    Participants on etimes2 training programmes are invited to join our exclusive social media group for on-going support and development.  This is open-ended and included in the cost.