Resilience and Wellbeing

7 masterclasses to build personal, team and organisational resilience

Who Are Our Resilience and Well-being Masterclasses For?

When the pressure is on for your team, how often do you wish that you could deal with it just a little better or that your team members were a bit more resilient in the face of stress and demanding situations?

In these 2 hour Masterclasses, learn how resilient teams start with a resilient leader and how to build your own personal resilience and how to create the right team conditions for your team members to feel in control, psychologically safe and able to make decisions to do their work to the best of their ability.

The Resilience and Well-being suite of Masterclasses is primarily aimed at those currently holding leadership, management and supervisory positions and those aspiring to hold such roles in the future.  There are no prerequisites to attending any of these Masterclasses.




What Will Learners Gain From Participation?

This suite of Masterclasses are designed to be insightful, practical and applicable.  Interactive and participative, delegates will be immersed in the topics gaining a deeper understanding of the theory and how it works in practice, and gaining strategies to easily apply learning.

After each Masterclass, every delegate will receive a toolkit specially designed to consolidate learning, guide application in the workplace and, where relevant, prepare you for the next Masterclass.

The Resilience and Well-being suite contains seven 2 hour Masterclasses.




Resilience and wellbeing masterclasses

    Masterclass 1 (Resilience and Wellbeing)

    Signs and Impact of Resilience

    In this Masterclass, delegates will explore the impact of a changing world on their resilience and how this affects the business they work in.  They will learn to recognise the signs of low resilience, understand its impact and be able to take action to build resilience.

    Aims and Objectives

    By the end of this Masterclass, delegates will be able to to identify how resilient they are personally and how resilient their team is and plan to take action.  They will achieve this by:

    • Understanding the core principles of resilience
    • Being able to analyse and assess personal and team resilience levels
    • Knowing what steps to take to build resilience and plan for this


    Duration2 hours
    Delivery:Virtual classroom (live; remote)

    Masterclass 2 (Resilience and Wellbeing)

    The Resilient Leader

    resilient leader

    Leaders and managers play a crucial role in building high performing teams, especially how they react and behave in demanding situations.  They act as a role model for their team members.  The Resilient Leader Masterclass gives you the strategies to model resilient behaviours to nurture a high performing culture in your team.

    Aims and Objectives

    By the end of this Masterclass, delegates will be able to to develop and improve their own resilience as a leader and use this to build a healthy, high performing culture.  They will achieve this by:

    • Understanding how leadership resilience contributes to building a healthy team culture
    • Assessing own leadership resilience
    • Role modelling high performance behaviours, particularly in demanding or stressful situations
    • Building a Resilient Leader Action Plan


    Duration2 hours
    Delivery:Virtual classroom (live; remote)

    Masterclass 3 (Resilience and Wellbeing)

    Leading for Resilience

    Building a high performance team culture carries certain responsibilities for a manager.  One key responsibility is understanding that high performance does not mean ‘win at any cost’.  A healthy and sustainable high performance culture is a win-win for the manager, team members and organisation.  This Masterclass gives delegates tools and techniques to ensure that their team culture is high performing for the long term.

    Aims and Objectives

    By the end of this Masterclass, delegates will be able to to build a healthy team culture that engages all team members in driving high performance for the longer term.  They will achieve this by:

    • Understanding the benefits of leading and enabling wellbeing in the team
    • Recognising early warning signs indicating a dip in team wellbeing
    • Develop strategies to proactively support team members experiencing a dip in wellbeing


    Duration2 hours
    Delivery:Virtual classroom (live; remote)


    Leadership development

    Masterclass 4 (Resilience and Wellbeing)

    Building Personal Resilience

    resilient leader

    The workplace is experiencing unprecedented levels of change affecting how we work, communicate and build relationships.  These changes are happening very quickly and very frequently.  We need to adapt quickly to each change before the next one is upon us.  This Masterclass is designed to give all employees easy to use tools and techniques to build their own personal resilience levels.

    Aims and Objectives

    By the end of this Masterclass, delegates will be able to to identify their own resilience levels and take positive action to become more resilient.  They will achieve this by:

    • Being able to identify key sources of stress and demand in their job that affects their resilience
    • Understanding why we experience variance in our resilience levels
    • Having a toolkit of techniques and strategies that are easy to apply and proven to build resilience


    Duration2 hours
    Delivery:Virtual classroom (live; remote)


    Masterclass 5 (Resilience and Wellbeing)

    Building Resilient Teams

    Imagine leading a team that thrives in challenging and change situations, where all team members work collaboratively towards the greater good, trusting each other and showing loyalty, commitment and dedication. In the current climate, the workplace is experiencing unprecedented levels of change where the most valuable skill is maintaining the ability to think clearly, operate effectively and make sound decisions. Participants in this Masterclass will benefit from indepth understanding of how change affects your team and by developing strategies to lead your team to resilience and success.

    Aims and Objectives

    By the end of this Masterclass, delegates will know how change affects their team and how to build a team that will thrive in uncertainty.  They will achieve this by:

    • Understanding how change and uncertainty affects your team
    • Knowing when and how to nurture resilience
    • Assessing resilience in your team and strategies to enhance team resilience


    Duration2 hours
    Delivery:Virtual classroom (live; remote)


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    Meet the Trainer

    Nigel McPolin

    Founder & CEO

    An MSc Occupational Psychology graduate from the School of
    Psychology, Queen’s University of Belfast , Nigel has over 22 years’
    experience across the sectors – public, private and not-for-profit.

    His relaxed and friendly styles enables conversational training where learners feel safe to explore, discuss and even disagree with the topics being delivered. Nigel believes these conversations are fundamental to learning, allowing the learner to connect new concepts with previous experiences

    Nigel McPolin Organisational Psychologist, etimes2 ltd

    Contact Details:

    tel: +44 (0)28 9581 8090
    mobile: +44 (0)79 6875 6056


    Twitter: @etimes2ltd

    Client Testimonials

    “Forced me to go out of my comfort zone in presenting, which I enjoyed afterwards!  Informal – relaxed by his style” Driver Training Manager

    “Nigel is a fantastic trainer, great knowledge and experience of course.  He really helped me overcome nerves/fears while training” Area Administrator

    “I really enjoyed my 3 days.  Nigel was excellent.  I found the training very interactive and relaxed.” Area Trainer

    “Plenty of time allocated.  Videos great to learn from.  Great trainer. Very much enjoyed it.” HR Manager

    “Enjoyable.  Relaxed.  Informative.  Rewarding.” H&S Manager


    Follow-Up Support

    Participants on etimes2 training programmes are invited to join our exclusive social media group for on-going support and development.  This is open-ended and included in the cost.