Understanding employee engagement in your organisation is not something you can achieve just by running a survey. Even if you run that survey several times a year, every year.

A survey is just a start in understanding employee engagement. It gives you a snapshot of how people feel at a specific point in time. However, a survey only scratches the surface and employees will only interact with it long enough to complete it, or until they get bored.

You need more than just a survey. You need more than just a snapshot in time when you are intent on understanding what drives engagement in your organisation.

In order to fully understand the dynamics of engagement in your business, you will need to create and maintain an open, honest and safe conversational space with employees. This space should give employees opportunities to respond anonymously as well as more transparently on some discussions. It should be a space where hierarchy doesn’t matter and everyone can contribute as an employee who wants work to be more engaging and enjoyable.

In this video, I discuss why organisations should seek to fully understand employee engagement in their business and discuss some of our experiences in building this level of knowledge.

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