Does your company have a bottom-up employee engagement strategy? In this video, I discuss why this could be a powerful addition to your overall engagement strategy.

Imagine the power of every employee in your organisation starting to deal with their own engagement issues, removing the pressure from HR and senior management to ‘engage’ as many people as possible. Here is a little news item for you: HR and senior management simply cannot engage people to the extent you need to.

Individual employees need to make the conscious decision to be engaged, to perceive the workplace more positively, and to recognise the benefits they get from work. To do this, each person needs to feel that his/her ‘ask’ from their job is being satisfied. HR certainly doesn’t know, and should not be expected to know, each person’s ask.

So, the best thing you can do is creat a bottom-up employee engagement strategy. Plan to get everyone involved, give everyone feedback and give everyone a stake in their company.

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