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Deeper Insights

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Engagement is about opening up a real dialogue with your employees, listening to their feedback and empowering them to take a vested interest in the success of your business.

Experience tells us building an engaged workplace takes more than a survey and an automated report.  It takes a personal touch.

  • Ask unlimited and fully customisable additional questions
  • Hold open discussions and conversations with all employees
  • Re-run the survey(s) as often as you wish


Enable Collaboration

Employees who feel that they have a potent voice in their workplace are more likely to be engaged, high performing and make important contributions to drive business success.


Make it easy for all your employees to feel more fully involved in important business discussions and decisions:


  • Start discussions on any topic or issue and involve your whole workforce
  • Make it easy for employees to be recognised for positive contributions
  • Motivate employees when they are asked for further information by a senior manager
  • Create projects providing accessible development opportunities for all employees
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Individual Feedback

Every employee has a role to play in building an engaged workforce.  Every line manager has a role to facilitate and encourage engagement in the team by creating the right environment.

Increase awareness in every employee of how engaged they are and how they can positively improve

  • Personalised feedback for every employee using etimes2’s unique 8 Drivers of Engagement model
  • Every employee is supported to create a personal action plan to address his/her disengagers
  • Team feedback for every line manager highlighting key engagement trends in the team
  • Each line manager is guided to create a team action plan to create the perfect conditions in his/her team for engagement to happen

Tailored Support

We don’t believe that face-to-face support should be an expensive add-on.  At etimes2, we believe in providing a comprehensive package for our clients at competitive prices.  There should be few barriers to engaging your employees.

During our early discussions with you, we will ask you to design your support package.  Your support package will include (at no additional cost):

  • Face-to-face support days that you can choose how to use e.g. strategy development, leadership training etc
  • On-line meetings/support sessions (by arrangement)
  • On-line tutorials and training to use the etimes2 platform
  • Email and phone support (responses during 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday)

Real Time Data

Get immediate access to the key engagement trends across your organisation with our real-time dashboards.


Mapped to your organisational structure, our real-time reporting dashboards enable you to:


  • Identify key engagement trends and interventions needed across your organisation
  • Take a deeper dive into departments and teams to identify more localised engagement issues
  • Develop organisational strategy based on current data
  • Create specific interventions for leaders, teams, and departments based on their needs

Tailored Report

At etimes2, we don’t believe in dumping data on you and hoping you are impressed with ‘scientific looking’ numbers or glossy job titles like ‘People Scientist’.


Instead, we aim to empower your organisation and people by turning data into recommendations that are straightforward to put into action.


  • An experienced Organisational Psychologist will analyse the data and take comments and user data into consideration
  • S/he will speak with you throughout this process and understand your organisation
  • Using all this information, your report will be written by this specific Organisational Psychologist
  • Our reports are never automated
  • No gloss and no fuss.  Just a report to make sense of the data tailored for your organisation



Always Listening

A major cause of disengagement and underperformance in the workplace is employees feeling that they are never listened to.


etimes2 provides so many ways to give your employees a potent voice, it is unlikely that they will feel unheard.


  • Use our pulse/poll feature to run anonymous suggestion box type approach
  • The Conversation feature enables all employees to get fully involved in important discussions and be recognised
  • Encourage contribution with the etimes2 Challenge/Project feature
  • And our simple Message Board gives you a place to post important messages
  • All activity earns points for customisable rewards

Employee & Leadership Development

If your line managers and employees all receive feedback, then they all need access to learning mapped to the feedback we provide.


At etimes2, we believe that this learning is part of the deal.  It is never an expensive add-on.  This is a key part of the solution we offer.  Every employee has free access to:


  • 24/7 access to on-line leadership and personal development video based training
  • Membership of an exclusive Social Learning Community
  • Invites to webinars and live discussions
  • Access to an Organisational Psychologist for ‘always on’ Q&A

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