The Resilient Leader: When Things Go Wrong (Skillset 4)

Weather leadership storms, empowered to thrive and lead with strength and positivity

Who Is Our ‘The Resilient Leader: Skillset 4 – When Things Go Wrong’ for?

In this one day ‘live’ virtual training programme, you will develop a holistic skillset enabling you to deal positively with dealing with setbacks, failure and negative outcomes in your leadership role.  Each skill is designed to be easy to learn and easy to practice and develop.

This course is recommended for all line managers, team leaders and supervisors.  It is also a very useful course for employees being prepared for management or supervisory roles or for anyone wishing to become more resilient.  There are no prerequisites for attending this course.


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Duration:1 Day
Time:9am - 4pm
Cost:£145 per person



What Will Learners Gain From Participation?

By the end of this intensive and fun workshop, delegates will be empowered to weather leadership storms and with the skills to thrive and lead with unwavering strength and positivity. Delegates will achieve this aim by:

  • Fostering a resilient mindset by mastering the skill of acceptance, embracing challenges with positivity
  • Being able to transform failure into growth opportunities, encouraging a team culture where failure is seen as stepping stones to success
  • Applying detachment techniques enabling effectve decision making under pressure
  • Infusing gratitude into their leadership practices, cultivating a positive work environment and empowering their team to thrive in adversity



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The Resilient Leader Skillset 4 When Things Go Wrong

    Course Details

    What is my approach on this course?

    This is a highly interactive course combining ‘live’ virtual training sessions with a toolkit to take away with you.  The sessions will be facilitated by an experienced Occupational Psychologist via Zoom with all support (and additional) materials provided through an online platform so you always have access to these.  There are lots of opportunities during the one day session to discuss and learn from your colleagues on the course.

    Resilience is best built by focusing on the core skills that combine to enable a person to be ‘mentally tough’. This one day course focuses on Skillset 4 ‘When Things Go Wrong’ where you will learn strategies to weather leadership storms, empowered with the skills to thrive and lead with unwavering strength and positivity.

    Course Outline

    Course Overview

    Pre-course: delegates will receive some pre-course reading and self-assessments covering the 4 core skills to be addressed on this course.

    They will also receive a link to an on-line learning platform containing an introduction to the 4 Skillsets in Resilient Leadership to be completed prior to attending this session.


    Morning session – acceptance & failure:

    • Connecting the 4 core skills to resilience
    • The power of acceptance in leadership
    • Techniques to accept what you cannot control
    • Reframing failure as a part of growth
    • Reflecting and goal-setting to overcome fear of failure


    Afternoon session – detachment & gratitude:

    • Understanding emotional detachment in leadership
    • Practising detachment in decision making
    • Role of gratitude in building resilience
    • Creating a culture of gratitude in teams


    Goal-setting and action planning

    Summary and close

    Post-Course: Consolidation

    • Linking the skillsets
    • Online materials
    • Takeaway toolkits
    • Self-assessment
    • Action plans

    Meet the Trainer

    Nigel McPolin

    Founder & CEO

    An MSc Occupational Psychology graduate from the School of
    Psychology, Queen’s University of Belfast , Nigel has over 22 years’
    experience across the sectors – public, private and not-for-profit.

    His relaxed and friendly styles enables conversational training where learners feel safe to explore, discuss and even disagree with the topics being delivered. Nigel believes these conversations are fundamental to learning, allowing the learner to connect new concepts with previous experiences

    Nigel McPolin Organisational Psychologist, etimes2 ltd

    Contact Details:

    tel: +44 (0)28 9581 8090
    mobile: +44 (0)79 6875 6056


    Twitter: @etimes2ltd

    Client Testimonials

    “Forced me to go out of my comfort zone in presenting, which I enjoyed afterwards!  Informal – relaxed by his style” Driver Training Manager

    “Nigel is a fantastic trainer, great knowledge and experience of course.  He really helped me overcome nerves/fears while training” Area Administrator

    “I really enjoyed my 3 days.  Nigel was excellent.  I found the training very interactive and relaxed.” Area Trainer

    “Plenty of time allocated.  Videos great to learn from.  Great trainer. Very much enjoyed it.” HR Manager

    “Enjoyable.  Relaxed.  Informative.  Rewarding.” H&S Manager


    Follow-Up Support

    Participants on etimes2 training programmes are invited to join our exclusive social media group for on-going support and development.  This is open-ended and included in the cost.