When procuring employee engagement products, a major dilemma for many business owners and HR managers is whether they should follow the trend by going for a fully automated platform or should they stick with the traditional consultant led option?  At etimes2, we offer you the complete employee engagement toolkit – the perfect blend of automation with the reassuring expertise of our business psychologists only a call or email away.



Why not buy a fully automated engagement platform?

EX2 Employee engagement platformThere is nothing wrong with the fully automated approach.  In fact, some of our clients like our turnkey engagement survey with real-time dashboards.  They get what they need – a validated survey with data reporting against key engagement drivers.  The real-time dashboards provide an engagement heatmap for your organisation and breaks the data down for teams, departments and against key demographics.


Automated employee engagement products do ‘slice and dice’ the data very nicely.



So, automation is great….but you can have so much more!

At etimes2, we provide the complete employee engagement toolkit for our clients.   Automated data enhanced with the support of experienced business psychologists.


We are not happy with just providing great data.  We are only satisfied when we can add depth and meaning to the data gathered.  Our aim is to empower every employee to take control and ownership of their own engagement and take action.  We provide the tools to achieve this in one place.



The Personal Touch

To achieve our aim we add a personal touch.  We take a personal interest in bringing the data to life for our clients.  Our approach is to turn the data first into knowledge and then into actions.



People Like People

There are certain transactions in life where full automation is a perfect way to do business.  Buying a kitchen appliance, for example.  You can go on-line to a reputable website and pick colour, brand and key features and press purchase knowing you are reasonably safe in doing so.


People are not products, however.  Employee engagement, productivity, and culture are all affected by relationships.  People react in unique and different ways to stimuli.   We can only do so much at this point through automation.  Artificial intelligence is not yet sophisticated enough to deal with such a range of reactions in a workforce.


Psychology Enabled by Technology

Primarily, we are psychologists.  We have used technology to bring what we do to the desktop, tablet or smart device of all your employees.  Every one of them.  We can deliver the complete employee engagement toolkit because we blend our psychology and our people centred approach with technology.


For us, employee engagement is not about great data informing a corporate action plan.  It is about great data being made accessible, relevant and actionable for every single employee in your business.  It is about empowering every employee to own their engagement and to embark on a journey with you, their employer, to discover the enjoyment of contributing to success and feeling part of that.


Does your employee engagement data actively bring every one of your employees on a journey to contribute more and share in business success with you?  Do you want it to?
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