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Problems We Solve

We listen to our clients and do our utmost to solve the problems they face when implementing employee engagement solutions.  Here are some of the typical problems faced when assessing engagement levels, and how we solve them.

Data Dumping

All our key reports are tailored by a psychologist to turn the data into action at 4 levels in your organisation. These reports are never automated.

Distant Support

With etimes2, you design the support package to suit your needs (including strategy and leadership days) all as part of the package.

HR Owns Engagement

Share responsibility and ownership for employee engagement throughout the entire workforce through feedback, actions and collaboration.

Time Lag to Action

Eliminate the time lag with every employee and line manager taking immediate action on the engagement drivers affecting them.

Employee Voice?

Get every employee involved in key engagement and business conversations with our communication, collaboration & reward features.

Results Only

We give every employee, team and line manager the tools to make a positive difference (there is no point in giving feedback without the means to action).

Additional Questions?

Ask as many additional questions as you like.  Hold as many open discussions as you like. Set as many challenges as you like.  No limits.

Premium Costs

etimes2’s mission is to build engaging workplaces. We give you all our features and support at the cost shown so there are no obstacles in your way.

Meet Our Founder

Nigel McPolin | CEO

etimes2 ltd

Nigel completed his MSc Occupational Psychology in Queen’s University,

He is the founder and CEO of etimes2 ltd., a dynamic employee engagement and engaging leadership consultancy, and of the Engaging Leadership Academy.  He is driven in his career by his belief in the untapped potential of employees and the crucial role played by line management in creating the environment where employees choose to give all their talent and effort.

Nigel has over 23 years experience across the sectors – Private, Public and Not-for-Profit – and internationally.  He counts Dell Inc, American Power Conversions, McAfee, Queen’s University, Michelin, Ulster University and Kerry Group among his satisfied clients.

A keen eye and drive for quality in all he does, Nigel has held several senior roles with the Institute of Leadership and Management.  He is a Quality Assurance expert and has gained a reputation as the ‘go to’ person when leadership programmes fail to deliver.

Away from work

In his down time, Nigel loves to spend family time with his wife, four daughters and our lovable rogue Indy (our Labrador) achieving work-life balance by going for walks and taking in the beautiful mountain landscape where we are lucky to live.

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5 Reasons Why Etimes2 is Different From Other Engagement Surveys

1.Engagement is an individual and personal experienceAt etimes2, we recognise that while organisational culture is important, each employee will perceive it through his/her own lens.

The etimes2 platform gives every employee personalised feedback and tools to interact with his/her workplace in a more engaged manner.
2.Engagement is about individual identity in the workplaceEtimes2 empowers employees to take action on their own engagement levels by seeking the answers to their ‘ask’.
Each employee chooses to go to work for his/her own unique reason. Etimes2 enables each employee to discover what that reason is and empowers him/her to take action to satisfy that need.
3.Engagement should be built from the bottom upChange cannot occur without awareness. An engaging workplace can’t be properly built from the top-down.
We raise the individual employee’s awareness of his/her own (dis)engagement drivers and empower him/her to take action. Etimes2 shares responsibility for building engagement among all stakeholders.
4.Engagement is about development and shared responsibilityEtimes2 seeks to empower the person to understand his/her work and do the right thing.
We provide each employee and line manager with the feedback and tools to take positive engagement building action at the individual and team levels .
5.Engagement is more than data reports. It needs to mean something.We place a clear focus on understanding the dynamics in the workplace that drive engagement and performance. We use this data to involve individuals, teams, line managers and senior management in building an Amazing Workplace.

What Our Clients Say

“We have found the etimes2 system very easy to use and beneficial as a management tool to measure our staff engagement.  The potential is there for us to develop this further and tailor it very specifically to our business needs.

The team at etimes2 has been very supportive and helped us greatly to gain maximum benefit.  We look forward to a long and rewarding partnership with them, which will be mutually beneficial to both parties.”

Ronan Heenan

Director, People 1st

“Hughes Insurance are excited to launch The Etimes2 Engagement Tool throughout our business. Its unique and remote functionality suits our business perfectly as we strive to build a creative and engaging culture, whilst ensuring we meet the needs of our customers.

We anticipate high participation levels from our staff who are keen to share their voice and be involved in solving real life business problems.”

Sarah Billingsley

HR Manager, Hughes Insurance

Some Of The Clients We Work With

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