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7 Steps to Building an Engaged Workforce

We engage

We believe all great businesses are powered by great people. We understand that positive employee engagement drives performance.

Engaged and valued employees are 22{1bb39d541c733b600acd4042eaf03c0ae6f452764b5ade002ea507202b9a90a7} more productive powering increases in profitability of £2,700 per employee per year.

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We evaluate

Etimes2 enables you to capture data and employee feedback in real-time

Empowering your organisation to quickly identify and fix problem areas.

We stay with you, partnering you to drive business success through your engagement & talent strategies.

We create insight

We specialise in bringing data to life creating value for our clients.

We deliver tailored insights to each employee, line manager, and team in real time.

Our experienced team of psychologists will partner with you to create action plans that solve issues.

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We enable

We are redefining employee engagement, putting people first and at the centre of everything we do.

We build stronger, more connected and engaged workforces by providing every employee and every line manager with a bespoke action plan.

Our suite of collaboration tools empower your employees to make a greater contribution and have their say.

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Reward & Recognise


We put your people first. We make it easy to inspire, develop and reward all your employees.

Etimes2 provides a customisable Rewards Shop

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