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Developing Engaging Leaders for Business Performance

Leadership Development Programmes

One of the most important skills for any leader is learning how to engage their team members.  An engaging leader builds a team culture that promotes innovation, growth and high achievement.

Through an interactive learning experience you will learn to identify factors that engage and disengage employees, know how to uncover each team member’s engagement drivers and develop techniques to create an engaging culture within your team.  You will understand your own impact as a leader and create personal strategies to engage your people.

Employee engagement is a major factor in the success of a team and organisation.  Higher employee engagement brings increased productivity, innovation and problem solving while reducing costs incurred through absence, quality and errors.

In this interactive training programme, you will learn how the role of manager/supervisor impacts on team engagement and be able to identify the key drivers affecting engagement in your team.  You will develop a deep understanding and techniques to influence the drivers of engagement specific to your team to bring higher team performance.

We design bespoke leadership development programmes

tailored to our clients needs. 

The ability to motivate others and engage them for higher performance is a must have skill for any leader.

In this one day programme, you will explore motivation levels in your own team and individual team members.  You will also identify the causal factors and create strategies to build a highly motivated team.

Business competitiveness is a game of fine margins.  This means that high performance teams are increasingly critical in gaining the competitive edge.

In this practical and interactive course, you will develop a clear strategy to convert your team from great to ‘high performance’ following 4 key steps.  You will be given a toolkit to complement each step – purpose; embedding; nurturing; and recognition.

Being able to identify and manage stress is massive in today’s workplace.  Stress and well-being management is at the forefront for business owners and executives.

Learn about the causes and symptoms of stress so you can identify it early both in your own and team behaviour.  Create strategies to manage stress in your team with practical toolkits.

Effective time management is crucial for all leaders.  It reduces stress in the team and ensures on-going performance of the team.

By the end of this course, you will have explored your own personal relationship with time and picked up 12 key behaviours to manage your time, and that of your team, effectively.

How great would it be if your team was largely self-managing and able to cope with just about anything thrown at it?

In this one day programme, learn how to create the right team conditions for your team members to feel in control, psychologically safe and able to make decisions to do their work to the best of their ability.

Leadership is beset with difficult conversations that can make or break team morale and engagement.

Learn how to identify when a difficult conversation is looming and develop simple techniques to help you respond appropriately and maintain, even enhance, team spirit, morale and engagement.

Train the Trainer

Great trainers ensure your employees feel valued and cared for because the training is well designed, structured and considers the learners’ opinions.  This can only be achieved by competent, confident and skilled trainers.

This is Train the Trainer with a difference.  We focus on the training participants actually need to deliver in a highly practical approach.  Participants are challenged right from the first minute: delivering their training, receiving feedback and blending feedback with theory to redevelop their training until the message is clear, succinct and understood.

Choose from 1, 2 or 3 day Train the Trainer courses.


Is team performance hampered by poor communication?

Take the first step towards clear team communication with the Forte Communication Styles Profile, a versatile diagnostic that can be applied to individual and team coaching.  Identify communication strengths, sub-strengths and gain insights into how you come across on a daily basis.

Understand how you are adapting to your environment, how this affects your stamina and decision making.  Develop clear strategies to communicate more effectively, both individually and as a team, building understanding of different communication styles.