We are committed to keeping our pricing fair, accurate and competitive.  To achieve this,we provide bespoke quotes based on your organisation’s requirements.  Please see suggested plans below to help you decide what you need to drive engagement in your organisation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to get started on etimes2?

Yes.  Setting etimes2 up is really easy and only takes minutes.  You will be ready to go very quickly.  We provide you with all the communications you need in the lead up to launching etimes2 with your workforce and are here to support you every step of the way.

Are there premium level features in etimes2?

No.  Our mission is to provide your organisation with the tools to build an engaging workplace. We do not believe in giving you and your employees feedback without making the tools to take guided action available.  Everything is included for the fee we quote you.

How easy is it for employees to get started?

Very.  Employees can participate on any device.  All they need to do is activate the link, indicate the team they belong to and start completing the survey.  Users report back that etimes2 is a very ‘friendly design’ and ‘very easy to use’.

How much support is available and how flexible is it?

We will agree your bespoke support needs during our initial discussions.  Please note that email and phone support is always available at no extra cost and we also build in a number of support days provided at no additional cost.  We take pride in how we support our clients and intend to provide the best support possible.  Ask us to demonstrate this to you first so you can see the scale and flexibility of the support offered. 

How often can we run the survey?  How many additional questions can we ask?

Unlimited is the most simple answer.  You can run the survey as often as you like, though we recommend that you only run it 2-3 times per year.  You can ask as many additional questions as you like, either from our suggested bank of questions, or craft your own questions.  You are not limited to ‘engagement’ questions either.  Ask your employees anything you need to, making it easy to involve them in many business issues.

Does on-boarding and set-up support incur any costs?

No.  We prefer to keep costs simple, clear and competitive.  The single fee we quote you will include set-up, on-boarding and the support your team needs to get etimes2 launched. We are always here for you.

Does etimes2 protect employee anonymity?

Yes.  Survey responses, pulse question responses and individual employee action plans are all 100% anonymous.

Please note, there are also ‘open communication’ features on etimes2 designed to enable employees to be seen and recognised within and beyond their team.  These are clearly sign-posted for employees as ‘non-anonymous’.

How do our employees access the Academy and Social Learning opportunities? Do they cost extra?

We feel obliged to give your employees the resources to develop and grow personally and professionally.  After all, we provide each employee with personalised feedback based on their survey responses and we ask them to create an action plan.  We don’t see the point in feedback without the means to take action.  So, all these learning opportunities (valued at over £1,000 per employee) is available at no extra cost to you or the employee.

Who can see the reporting dashboard?

You are in complete control of this.  You decide who has access.

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