Disengaged Employees: Do They Care?

Disengaged employees are often maligned as a blight on organisations.  They are something to be moved along as soon as possible (if it is that easy!).  There are even some articles openly referring to the disengaged employee as a ‘bad employee’.  But is this fair to...

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8 Tips to Select Your Employee Engagement Software Provider

Employee Engagement Software has become a ‘no brainer’ for most organisations.  The return on investment for this type of software is impressive with reduced people costs and increased productivity.  For example, engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave...

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Employee Engagement Software: what it should do for you

Employee Engagement Software has  taken over the engagement survey marketplace.  The software options are wide and varied and each organisation will have a preference for certain approaches.  Technology has opened up the effective application of the employee...

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