Why People Work: the key to motivating your workforce

Why do people work? This is a key question for most businesses.  If you can figure out why people work (why your employees turn up every day), then you can hone in on how to motivate them more effectively. In my experiences to date, one of the major influences on...

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Make the Most of Your Employee Engagement Diagnostic: 10 Tips

Is there a “right way” or a “best way” to run your Employee Engagement Diagnostic?  We believe there is. Your objectives at the beginning of your employee engagement diagnostic process should be to: Achieve accurate engagement trends mapped to your organisation Share...

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Handling Employee Feedback

Most companies have at least one method of collecting employee feedback.  These methods normally include things like surveys, suggestion boxes, polls, and employee forums.  There is definitely a commitment to collect employee feedback and to give employees a voice in...

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A New Employee Engagement Narrative

Over the past few weeks, I have been involved in some very interesting discussions with people from both business and academia.  We discussed the positioning of leadership and employee engagement, and where employee empowerment fits into this equation.  Basically, we...

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