High Performance Leadership Programme

Building Productive Relationships: Driving High Performance

A bespoke programme built exclusively to respond to your company’s workforce and leadership development profile.

Who Is This Programme For?

This programme is most effective when delivered to a group of leaders and managers within a single company.  It is especially, but not exclusively, suited to those who lead a team of people.

This course makes full use of real feedback and increasing self-awareneness among participants through 360 feedback, psychometrics and a tailored employee engagement report with a focus on participating teams/leaders.  Participants will reflect on the leadership issues being faced across the organisation and in their own teams/departments while learning techniques and strategies to increase engagement, performance and productivity by solving these issues.

There are no prerequisites to participating on this course other than being open to clear feedback and willing to take positive action.

Aims & Objectives

By the end of this bespoke High Performance Leadership programme, participants will be able to increase the performance and competitiveness of their organisations through enhanced leadership, communication, and empowered innovation.  They will achieve this by:

  • Developing an enhanced understanding of the drivers and blockers of personal, team and organisational performance
  • Creating powerful personal and organisational strategies to drive greater results through well-being, time and stress management both personally and for employees
  • Exploring own and others preferred communication styles, how these styles interact, and creating strategies to build highly productive relationships across their organisation
  • Creating a ‘psychologically safe’ work environment and knowing how to empower others to bring their creativity, innovation and originality to work every day
  • Knowing how to establish an effective ‘challenge’ function in their organisations to drive critical thinking, problem anticipation and problem solving for high performance

Meet the Lead Trainer

Nigel McPolin

Lead Organisational Psychologist

An MSc Occupational Psychology graduate from the School of Psychology, Queen’s University of Belfast , Nigel has over 22 years’ experience across the sectors – public, private and not-for-profit.

His relaxed and friendly styles enables conversational training where learners feel safe to explore, discuss and even disagree with the topics being delivered. Nigel believes these conversations are fundamental to learning, allowing the learner to connect new concepts with previous experiences

Contact Details:

tel: +44 (0)28 9581 8090
mobile: +44 (0)79 6875 6056
email: nigel@etimes2.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nigel-mcpolin/

Twitter: @etimes2ltd

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Approach & Methodology

Our key person on this programme will be Nigel McPolin, a highly experienced Organisational Psychologist, adept in creating conversational training courses and engaging contribution to programme design from a diverse group of stakeholders.  We will take the following steps to design and deliver a High Performance Leadership Programme that is responsive to your company’s needs:


  • Build a clear picture of the leadership needs across your organisation by implementing the etimes2 employee engagement platform
  • Use the etimes2 platform to communicate and engage the opinions of key stakeholders and employees
  • Provide a proposed programme outline while remaining flexible and responsive to include needs arising from participant, employee and stakeholder conversations
  • Ensure powerful on-going leadership development by training participants to facilitate their own internal ‘Leadership Masterminds’
  • Provide participants with free lifelong post-programme support and development in our on-line Social Learning Community dedicated to developing engaging leaders.
  • Participants will also have access to the etimes2 Engaging Leadership Academy, an on-line resource for leadership development training sessions, videos, exercises and resources