Employee Engagement Matters

Business success is built upon committed, loyal and skilled employees.  Success comes from people who are dedicated and passionate about your company and your product.  At etimes2, we know that business success starts with employee engagement:

  • Engaged employees retain customers, driving greater sales and reducing cost of sale
  • Engaged employees choose to perform and bring their full talent to work every day
  • Engaged employees are more innovative, creative and will relish solving problems to make your business better
  • Employee engagement drives sustainable business growth.



Take your employee engagement strategy to the next level with etimes2.  Engagement is much more than a survey, automated reports and events.  At etimes2, we understand today’s business environment. We also understand people.

Engagement is about opening up a real dialogue with your employees, listening to their feedback and empowering them to take a vested interest in the success of your business.

Experience tells us building an engaged workplace takes more than a survey and an automated report.  It takes a personal touch.

etimes2’s employee engagement software makes it easy to open up genuine dialogue with your employees on any issue you need to discuss.  At the same time, we make it possible to run two powerful surveys, provide every employee, team and line manager with tailored feedback, and get them working on both creating their own engaged at work experience while undertaking personal, team and leadership development.

With etimes2 by your side, you can add the personal touch for every employee.

Employee engagement survey, individualised feedback for every leader and employee, access to my on-line Engaging Leadership Academy for all employees, and membership of an exclusive learning community.  All in one easy-to-use package.


  • 22 item Employee Engagement survey (unlimited)
  • 27 item Amazing Workplaces survey (unlimited)
  • Unlimited pulse questions, polls, collaboration/problem solving & message board
  • Unlimited setting of Company Challenges (ie projects)
  • Real-time dashboards for immediate feedback
  • Report tailored by an Organisational Psychologist
  • Access to a bank of prepared questions
  • Individualised feedback for every employee and line manager
  • Access for all managers and employees to on-line leadership, team and personal development linked to the engagement drivers and action plans (contained in the etimes2 Engaging Leadership Academy)
  • Membership for all participants of an exclusive on-line learning community
  • Unlimited phone & email support
  • Support meetings with your Employee Engagement team
  • Built in support days


etimes2’s employee engagement platform has been designed to bring the desire to build a more engaging workplace to the front of mind for every employee and to give each person the tools to take action.  It is designed to keep the personal touch in mind.


  • Based on a 22 item engagement survey, every employee and line manager receives tailored feedback and creates a personal engagement development plan, eliminating the drag between survey, reporting and action.


  • Our platform enables real discussions between all employees to take place right across your organisation on any device, at any time and from anywhere.


  • Unlimited survey, pulse survey, discussions, messages, questions, and challenges


  • Every employee enjoys complimentary access to personal and leadership development worth over £1,000 per person


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360 Feedback

Whether you want ‘off-the-shelf’ or a bespoke 360 Feedback designed specifically for your organisation, etimes2 can meet your needs.

Our Organisational Psychologists will work with you to design a bespoke 360 Feedback experience for your leaders and managers.  We will map the 360 questionnaire so it measures your own unique competence framework, values and behaviours.  We support your managers and leaders to succeed in the unique culture of your organisation.

For clients interested in ‘off-the-shelf’ options, we can provide you with:

  • Forte Communication Styles Profile – 360 feedback on your own communication and interpersonal strengths, how these affect others, and creating strategies to communicate effectively with people in your team,  building great working relationships.
  • Genos International Emotional Intelligence – 360 feedback against a set of emotionally inteligent workplace behaviour competencies.

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