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The Amazing Workplaces Programme© by etimes2 is a proactive 5 Stage approach to achieving high performance through building engaging workplaces.

Amazing Workplaces is built around our 5D Model©, enabling each client to create a path towards achievement that is completely unique to your business and mapped to your specific business needs.  Achievement of the Amazing Workplaces Programme is based upon an initial assessment of the people in your business, analysis of business data such as absenteeism, and a clear set of objectives and action plan.

An etimes2 Organisational Psychologist will be dedicated to your project, essentially a key member of your project team, and ready to support you at all times.  We will work to ensure that the project is specific to your business needs and that each step is clear, relevant and positive.

We are always happy to talk with you about our Amazing Workplaces Programme, so please leave us a message and we will contact you.

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5D Model to Build Amazing Workplaces

DefineOur Organisational Psychologists work with your management team to understand your business and define your unique Amazing Workplaces project.
DiscoverTogether we run either the etimes2 employee diagnostic or a diagnostic of your choice and incorporate key business data (e.g. absenteeism, staff churn, productivity) forming a clear picture of successes and blockages. A clear action plan is developed to reduce blockages providing clear pathway to achieve the Amazing Workplaces Programme.
DevelopThe action plan is implemented over an agreed period of time.
Discover RevisitedWe will rerun the employee diagnostic (the etimes2 platform does not incur additional costs for reruns) and incorporate key business data to identify the achievements and measure the impact.
DisplaySuccessful businesses will be presented with the Amazing Workplaces Programme plaque for display to demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to your people.