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Within minutes, we will identify what is holding back performance in each team, provide all managers and employees with individualised feedback, and give every member of your organisation the tools to take positive action.


Sample Employee Engagement Report: Click Here to Download

What Our Clients Say

“I am 22 days into the 30 day challenge so far and really enjoying it.  More importantly, my team are enjoying it!  I think in professional services there is a tendency to focus on your technical skills, but in my opinion it is the softer skills that make the big difference for our teams and clients.

Nigel provides simple, actionable, low investment tips that can be put into action immediately.  After 4 working weeks of putting these tips into action, I can see a notable difference in my team already.”

Paul Braden, Associate Director, iXBRL Centre of Excellence, KPMG

“We have found the etimes2 system very easy to use and beneficial as a management tool to measure our staff engagement. The potential is there for us to develop this further and tailor it very specifically to our business needs.

The team at etimes2 has been very supportive and helped us greatly to gain maximum benefit. We look forward to a long and rewarding partnership with them, which will be mutually beneficial to both parties.”

Ronan Heenan, Director, People 1st

“Thoroughly enjoyable.  The trainer has a very nice style of delivery – friendly and relaxed.  The content of the slides well explained with personal experiences as examples.”

“Nigel is a very experienced trainer who always receives excellent feedback.  He has an excellent training technique that ensures everyone stays engaged and gets maximum benefit from his courses.  He has been a great asset to us and his contribution has helped us develop our own company further”

Jim Stewart, Managing Director, Training Solutions NI

“Nigel is a fantastic trainer.  He is very knowledgeable and empathetic.  His training will undoubtedly improve the work I do in the future”

Emmet Dillon, Connected Health

“Excellent trainer.  Nigel has great interpersonal skills and illustrates his training through story telling.  He is down to earth, very approachable, and obviously loves what he does.  He is very knowledgeable and gives great advice.”

Laura, CDE Global

“Great courses and highly recommend.  In fact, I am now ensuring my colleagues are enrolled on these courses.  Great tutor – 10 out of 10.”

Damian McIlroy, Business Development Manager, Conscia

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