The Complete Engaging Leadership Package


Tailored diagnostics, individualised reports and action plans, and a 24/7 ‘always on’ Engaging Leadership learning community.


Engaging Leadership Academy


A potent blend of on-line learning, live sessions with an Occupational Psychologist, and a global learning community.


Employee, Team & Leadership Diagnostics


Develop the leadership, team and engagement skills needed to deliver a high performing team with etimes2 diagnostics.


7 Steps to Building an Engaged Workforce

Develop highly engaging leaders or enhance your leadership career with our Engaging Leadership Academy.  A powerful blend of on-line leadership development, ‘live’ sessions and a learning community of peers accessible at any time on any device.


Employee, Team and Leadership Diagnostics

etimes2’s diagnostics will clearly profile your learning needs enabling you to target leadership, team and personal development where it is needed most.  Each respondent will receive personalised feedback and supported to create a personal development plan.  Every line manager will receive aggregated team feedback and guided to create a team and leadership development plan.

Engaging Leadership Academy

With new content added every week, the Engaging Leadership Academy provides both individual learners and corporate clients a single source for on-going leadership and team member development.  You will enjoy a mix of formal and informal learning sessions with access to live sessions with an Occupational Psychologist to discuss your specific learning requirements.

Peer Learning Community

All members of the Engaging Leadership Academy can enjoy access to our global Peer Learning Community where you can engage in discussion with other existing/potential leaders and managers from a range of industries.  Signup for live sessions, engage in Action Learning or simply contribute to conversations. All part of your Engaging Leadership Academy membership.

Benefits for Members of the Engaging Leadership Academy

Be Part of a Learning Community

Join your peers from around the globe and across industry/sectors and learn together.  Network and enjoy a group of people willing to contribute their experiences and advice.  Enjoy the many benefits of our learning community.

Learn When You Want

With 24/7 access, you drive your own learning.  No waiting on a course being arranged by your employers or waiting on a space becoming available.  You decide what topics, how much you want to cover and when you do it.  Learn while kicking back in the garden or while soaking in the bath – it all works the way you want it to!

Focus on You

Our diagnostics will clearly identify where you need to focus your learning and will lead you through the personal development planning process.  You will build a clear focus on what YOU need to learn.  You decide what is relevant.  You decide the order.

Always New Content

New content is added to the Academy every week so your leadership development can continue unhindered.  In fact, as you will be part of the Engaging Leadership Academy Learning Community and in direct contact with the Psychologists who design the learning, you can tell us what you need.

We are employee engagement experts. We are passionate about people in the workplace.

We think differently

We are Psychologists. We understand people, because we know what drives them. Each member of your organisation is an individual with individual performance drivers. We designed our software to help you discover and unlock the potential in every employee.

We Are Professional

From the product we take to market, to how we communicate with clients we take responsibility for what we do.

Impact & Reach

We are utilising technology to widen the impact of the work we do, making it easier for your workforce to connect with our online platform anytime, anywhere. We want to reach beyond the management team and create a positive impact on every employee.

We Are Ambitious

We believe in ourselves and the  technology we have created. Together we can achieve every target and goal we set.

What Our Clients Say

“We have found the etimes2 system very easy to use and beneficial as a management tool to measure our staff engagement.  The potential is there for us to develop this further and tailor it very specifically to our business needs.

The team at etimes2 has been very supportive and helped us greatly to gain maximum benefit.  We look forward to a long and rewarding partnership with them, which will be mutually beneficial to both parties.”

Ronan Heenan

Director, People 1st

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