The Complete Employee Engagement Platform

etimes2: built by experienced Business Psychologists

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No More Vague Data Reports

Bespoke report for each client written by an etimes2 psychologist.  Never automated.

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Guided Individual Action Plan for Every Employee and Manager

Responsibility for engagement shared with every employee, team and line manager.

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7 Steps to Building an Engaged Workforce

Making Employee Engagement Work For Your Business

Designed by experienced Business Psychologists, etimes2 have changed how employee engagement platforms work for you.

No more vague data reports with irrelevant recommendations.  Our psychologists will work with you to understand your business and your people.  We will incorporate your business data and create bespoke reports written by our psychologists that make sense for your organisation.  Our reports are never automated.

Employee engagement is everyone’s responsibility – not just HR or senior management.  etimes2 provide every employee and manager with guided individual action plans to build engagement at all levels.


Measure and Collaborate

Measure engagement with our baseline survey and dig deeper with a fully customisable pulse survey tool.

Collaborate  and communicate with all employees in our ‘Boardroom’ and  ‘Challenge’  features with customisable rewards to encourage  participation.


Our People are Your People

etimes2 gives you automated real-time dashboards, but our bespoke reports are never automated.

We will work with you to understand your organisation incorporating both business and engagement data to generate high impact action plans.


Wraparound Support

We partner with our clients. We work alongside you to smoothly plan and implement etimes2.

Then,  we help you ask the right pulse questions, collaborate and build  intelligence about your people with support to create an engaging  culture.

Negotiable based on number of employees

We believe that what we do makes businesses better from the inside out. Empowering staff to be more productive, helping teams work better together, growing managers to inspire everyday, while helping every employee feel more valued and appreciated.


We profile your organisation’s success by engaging employees against 8 key performance drivers. We then map this data against your organisation’s structure and chart the outcome.


We bring the data to life. Our psychologists will uncover in depth insights and analysis, tailored to each employee, line manager, team and organisation, that help channel real results for the organisation and the individual.


We help you build stronger, more connected and engaged workforce enabling every employee to take positive action on the engagement drivers affecting them. We achieve this through a tailored action plan designed around every employee.

How we work is as important to us. We partner our clients and work with them to ensure the best outcome possible

Empowering Business

We are your partner. We are psychologists. Our passion is helping you retain your talented employees, reduce absenteeism, and achieve up to 22% higher productivity.

Engaging Employees

We believe in you. We believe in helping you grow, succeed and achieve. We put you at the centre of everything we do, tailoring an engagement plan that suits your specific needs.

Easing HR

Implement our software in minutes, easing the engagement survey, reporting and action planning process for HR. Let us take the strain for you.

Enabling Line Managers

We enable your managers to inspire, helping them understand how their people are best developed, managed, motivated and recognised to perform at their best.

We are employee engagement experts. We are passionate about people in the workplace.

We think differently

We are Psychologists. We understand people, because we know what drives them. Each member of your organisation is an individual with individual performance drivers. We designed our software to help you discover and unlock the potential in every employee.

We Are Professional

From the product we take to market, to how we communicate with clients we take responsibility for what we do.

Impact & Reach

We are utilising technology to widen the impact of the work we do, making it easier for your workforce to connect with our online platform anytime, anywhere. We want to reach beyond the management team and create a positive impact on every employee.

We Are Ambitious

We believe in ourselves and the  technology we have created. Together we can achieve every target and goal we set.

What Our Clients Say

“We have found the etimes2 system very easy to use and beneficial as a management tool to measure our staff engagement.  The potential is there for us to develop this further and tailor it very specifically to our business needs.

The team at etimes2 has been very supportive and helped us greatly to gain maximum benefit.  We look forward to a long and rewarding partnership with them, which will be mutually beneficial to both parties.”

Ronan Heenan

Director, People 1st

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